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For Homes That Look Solid, Entablature Is A Must

In traditional homes, solidity is telegraphed by the space between the window heads and the roofline called entablature (cornice, frieze, and architrave). It holds the roof up, it transfers the loads, and it's what distinguishes solid-looking homes from flimsy ones. Here, Don Powers shows production builders how to up their game by including this subtle but essential part of the exterior.

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Financial Services Job Migration Previews New-Home Demand Trend

The smart money is betting big that a new jobs-to-new-household-formations-to-home-buying virtuous cycle will end all doubts about whether young adults will buy homes in numbers sufficient to support a housing rebound. Here, we get a look at the strong correlation between job formations--in this case, financial services job formation--and new-home demand in microcosm form. Markets that New Geography demographers Joel Kotkin and Michael Shire identify as absorbing new financial services jobs are showing especially strong demand and growth in new-home sales. Our Data Desk's Katie Gloede blended New Geography's leading metros for financial services employment with new-home sales data from Metrostudy's Builder Insight to arrive at the "Top 10 Financial Jobs Growth Magnets for New-Home Sales."

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