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Private Insurance Fee Proposal Could Raise Mortgage Costs

Wall Street Journal staffer Joe Light reports that proposed requirements for an obscure, but widely used, corner of the mortgage market would protect Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac from another financial crisis but could end up raising mortgage costs for thousands of borrowers, according to a report by Moody's Analytics released Tuesday (paywall).

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Energy Boost? North Dakota Rocks

North Dakota is the runaway leader among the states in how its residents score their lives and their state on 50 different dimensions. Several leading North Dakota officials offer their insights on why North Dakotans are so content.

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What's the Latest On Home Appraisals?

From real estate columnist Lew Sichelman, when it comes to real estate, the appraisal is the linchpin around which all else revolves. Both buyers and sellers are in a holding pattern until the appraiser arrives at the property, looks it over and comes back with a figure for what he thinks the place is worth.

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