Gutters are a given, perhaps even an afterthought in the grand scheme of a new-home build. Necessary yet often neglected in terms of proper sizing, placement, protection, and performance, a system for managing rain water and snowmelt runoff is a critical element in keeping moisture-related problems at bay. Give it short shrift, and you’ll likely get a few calls from unhappy homeowners.

Fortunately, if caught and fixed quickly, a poorly performing gutter and drainage system can be easily remedied, likely at a reasonable cost. Of course, doing it right the first time by demanding, specifying, and supervising a quality job from your gutter guy is best, but if you have to come back, the job can and should be done quickly to minimize damage to your reputation (not to mention the foundation). It’s also a second chance to educate owners about proper maintenance, a chore they’ll need to assume.