Virtual reality technology is changing the way design, building, and remodeling professionals create spaces for clients. Imagine if before you started construction, your clients could stand in their home to be. Remodeling's Laura McNulty talked to remodelers and designers about how VR technology tools are changing their business.

At Bethesda, Md.-based Case Design/Remodeling, designers have been working with virtual reality tools for about six months, with Oculus Rift headsets available at the company’s Bethesda and Falls Church, Va., locations. “For those projects, we were creating the 3D models anyway, so this isn’t too much more work, and it’s a benefit to be able to show this to the client,” says director of design Ellen Linstead Whitmore.

Virtual reality, she says, helps provide reassurance to clients about their project as they are able to truly visualize and experience the space before work begins. “As designers, we’re able to visualize things pretty easily, but sometimes it’s harder for the homeowner,” she explains. While images can certainly help in this regard, they lack the immersive quality that VR brings to the table.

“It’s a test drive,” she says. “It’s the closest you can get to actually being in your new space, and I think it is the future.”

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