Sometimes home builders do more than just build homes. This, from the Washington Examiner:

A former fugitive who spent three years in Pennsylvania state prison after pleading guilty to several misdeameanor counts of theft and other fraud-related charges has raised nearly $10,000 on GoFundMe.com for what he claims will be a "nationwide" march for Donald Trump on Saturday.

Scott J. Binsack has spent the last month organizing the "March for America 2016," an event where grassroots supporters of the Republican nominee are expected to flood Washington, D.C. and capital cities across the United States on Oct. 29 to rally against government corruption 11 days before the presidential election. ...

... The former luxury home builder, who has been described as a "con man" in multiple news reports dating back to 1998, first entered the Pennsylvania state prison system in Oct. 2001 after pleading guilty to theft and misdemeanor bad check charges. He was released in 2004 and ordered by the Pennsylvania State Parole Board (PBPP) not to "open, maintain or have physical control of any savings, checking or credit union account" in his name.

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