NO ONE SEEMS TO MIND starter castles that keep to themselves in designated enclaves. It's when they pop up in old neighborhoods and start bullying the smaller kids on the block that problems arise.

Old-growth neighborhoods have become battlegrounds in the volume wars, but don't expect a peace treaty any time soon.

Tensions are high in places such as Chevy Chase, Md., where county council-members recently reinstated a 35-foot height limit on single-family homes, eliminating a loophole that was allowing some builders to go taller.

An “anti-mansionization” ordinance that recently passed in the Los Angeles suburb of Sunland mandates that new homes on lots measuring 8,000 square feet or smaller cannot exceed 40 percent of the lot size. Several neighboring municipalities are considering similar measures.

Expect this trend in all-out NIMBY offensives to continue in highly populated areas—particularly in those neighborhoods where teardowns are prime targets for new construction.

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