The Phoenix area is seeing the largest permit activity for new homes since 2007. That means competition for construction workers, reports ABC 15's Sonu Wasu.

"We just flat out do not have enough skilled labor. Meaning framers, concrete finishers, plumbers, electricians, roofers, drywall contractors. We have houses that sit idle. It costs us money, and that is not what we like to see," said Toll Brothers ... division president Bob Flaherty.

Wasu reports that the political climate is one of the reason for the shortage.

Flaherty said the construction industry is traditionally run by foreign labor. In Arizona, Texas, and California there are primarily Hispanic workers. He added that most of the workers are legal, but the political climate had pushed the labor market into other states.

"Some have to do with policies put in place by the state. SB 1070 certainly didn't help us, and part of it was a slow down in construction," said Flaherty.

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