's Mike Hower breaks down how to take advantage of the growing need for a skilled workforce in the sustainability sector, and lists the most in-demand jobs.

According to data from job search engine SimpyHired, the rate of growth for jobs with “environmental compliance” as a keyword has increased by 24% since 2010, and jobs focusing on “energy efficiency” have grown by 500% since 2009. The data also identified what forward-thinking firms are looking for in new hires: the ability to create and nurture business relationships, proper financial management, and certifications—such as LEED or PE.

California, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Wisconsin, Indiana, Georgia, Virginia and Maryland are the top states for sustainability jobs, based on the number of job listings on SimplyHired. Many of these states, particularly California, are where there has been the most job growth in the cleantech sector.

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