A Nashville fence contractor has capitalized on the spirit of the summer Olympics by sponsoring a friendly competition among its crew members.

Last weekend, Rio Grande Fence Co. employees competed in the company's inaugural Fence Skills Championship in eight critical commercial fencing skills. Company executives thought it would be a fun way to showcase employees' skills while playing off of the excitement of the Olympic games, says vice president Derek M. Smith.

"After seeing the enthusiasm and competitive camaraderie among our crew members throughout the event, we hope one day to galvanize interest and support for a National Fence Skills Championship," he says.

The eight commercial fencing skills judged were Post Hole Digging, Concrete Mixing, Weaving Chain Link Wire, Chain Link Fabric Installation, Graduating Chain Link Wire, Gate Fabrication, Nailing Wood Pickets, and Ameristar Montage Panel Installation. Crew members were judged based on the quality of the work and the least amount of time required to complete each skill. Individual rankings for the eight skills were then compiled to determine Rio Grande's overall bronze, silver, and gold medal performers.

"The core events demonstrate to our staff the professionalism and abilities of their co-workers, motivating them to continually improve their own fence skills," says Smith. "The initial eight categories set quality and production time benchmarks we can strive to achieve and exceed in the future."

The event was also recorded by professional videographers and the videos will be used for training new employees. Click here to view one of them.