Mexico City-based Cherem Arquitectos has designed a home that's made from the ground on which it stands, reports James Holloway for Gizmag. The house was built this year from rammed earth, parota wood, stone, concrete and ironwork and is located in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. The home is made from material found on the site, which is both environmentally and economically beneficial as it doesn't involve any shipping.

Rammed earth is the building technology which makes this possible. Literally an ancient technique, it involves compressing damp earth into a mold before being exposed to firm up as they dry. Though not a strong as concrete, rammed earth is more than strong enough for house-building. And, rammed earth has good thermal mass, providing not only good insulation, but actually cooling the interior over the course of the day and heating during the night. (Think caves and churches.)

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