For years, the home building industry has come to recognize various moisture effects in exterior wall assemblies with absorptive cladding materials, but the causes and extent of these effects are still not well understood. The NAHB’s Building Products Issues Committee has studied moisture-related concerns for some time and found several to be common to a variety of cladding types and climatic regions. With a plethora of wall construction techniques and materials available to builders, questions abound as to what approaches are appropriate in each climate.

Now builders can look forward to a new resource for moisture management on the horizon. In partnership with the NAHB and the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Forest Products Laboratory, the NAHB Research Center will produce a series of Web-based moisture management construction videos aimed at overcoming moisture-related challenges in home building.

Building code requirements, product specifications, and performance requirements have all changed in response to the need for more robust weather-resistant performance from exterior envelopes. The Research Center’s Web-based videos will help keep the housing industry current on these changes and will offer installation techniques that go beyond the code minimum.

The videos will be produced in the field with builders who can illustrate various moisture ­management techniques. They will explore options that the housing industry can employ to reduce the possibility of moisture-related problems, regardless of the cladding or climatic region. Topics will include an overview of the building enclosure; drainage and drying methods for wall systems; weather-resistive barriers; air barriers and insulation; and flashing techniques and methods.

The instructional videos will be available by summer 2009 on;;; and www.FPL.FS.FED.US. The videos will also be distributed through the NAHB’s educational network.