In 30 years, artificial intelligence will command our cities, our buildings will be taller than ever, or windows could be replaced with virtual reality screens. At least that's what Hewden, a construction equipment company, and futurologist Ian Pearson believe.

Hewden partnered with Pearson, who has an 85% accuracy track record, to predict how cities will transform in the tech age. Their results are mix between slight practicality and nerve-inducing ideas.

For example, Hewden and Pearson predict super tall buildings will act as mini-cities with designated floors for housing, office, retail, gyms, etc. Feasibly, a person would never have to go outside to get what they wanted - but they'd probably have a deck to enjoy the fresh air if they wanted.

The team also predicted windows will be replaced by virtual reality screens, almost like the ones seen in Back to the Future II and Hunger Games where users can see any scene they'd prefer: the woods, the ocean, the night sky.

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