In Williamson County, Tenn., lawmakers have proposed to add a fee specifically to new homes to help fund the construction of new schools in a growing district.

The legislation introduces a one-time fee on new housing that would range between $1,145 to $11,210 depending on location and square footage.

According to Williamson County, the school district expects 10,000 more students in the next five years and estimates it will need $500 million to build new schools over the next 10 years.

The Williamson County Association of Realtors conceded that the good school district is a critical reason why people choose to move into the area, but the new fee would make it more expensive for people to do so, unfairly burdening buyers and home builders.

The county's budget, education, and tax study committees have already approved the measure, and the Williamson County commission will vote on Monday. If enacted, the fees would be enacted at half the proposed rates in March and then in full in September.

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