The interior of a Millennium Tower condo.

In a statement released on Friday, Millennium Partners spokesperson P. J. Johnston denied claims that the company’s Millennium Tower is sinking due to its construction on a sand formation. Johnston pointed out that many well-known San Francisco buildings are built into the Colma sand formation, including the Embarcadero Center, SFMOMA, and the Intercontinental Hotel.

"The building was designed and constructed to the extraordinarily high standards established by the City and County of San Francisco for this type of structure, and was carefully reviewed and approved by all required City agencies, prior to construction. All appropriate permits were obtained," Johnston told the Business Times.

Millennium Partners places the blame for the settling building on the construction of the Transbay Transit Center nearby. The Transbay Joint Power Authority, Caltrans, Caltrain, and AC Transit could be held legally accountable for the building’s issues.

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