Photo Caption: The kitchen in the newest unnamed Tiny Idahomes model.

Prefabricated tiny homes need to be built under a certain width limit for transportation, but the newest unnamed model from Tiny Idahomes works its way around this restriction by storing its dining room, bedroom, and lounge in collapsible slide-out sections. These rooms can fold into the center of the tiny home for transportation, and then expand at the destination lot, at the push of a button.

The slide-out sections are electronically operated, with two metal rails that are powered by a 12V electric motor. Once expanded, the tiny home’s interior covers 250 square feet. All homes of this model will include triple-seal protection against water leakage, as well as R-15 rated walls, floors, and ceilings. The home can either be connected to a solar unit or a standard RV hookup for electricity.

The newest Tiny Idahomes model, which is currently an incomplete demonstration piece, is on the market for $68,899.

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