With more people in the U.S. freelancing, an increasing number of co-working spaces are being built. If the freelancing trend continues, what will the workplace look like a few years down the road?

The recent “Tomorrow’s Workplace” competition asked participants to submit ideas on what the workplace would look like in 2021. The first-place entry designed a flexible workspace in a large “naturally occurring retirement community” in Manhattan, reports MarketWatch staffer Amy Hoak.

Here’s how the winning structure might look:

The structure would include the office space, a cafe and a day-care center, and plenty of parking for food trucks. A courtyard would separate the work spaces from the day care, and would also create a “multi-generational crossover space” where parents could hang out with their kids on breaks. There would be intimate meeting spaces and lounging pods on the second floor, where users could relax or engage in group work. Other conveniences include work spaces with plug-and-play monitors and keyboards, access to printing, 3-D printing and conferencing technology. All workspaces would have access to natural light, as well as glare control.

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