PulteGroup and Lancaster County, South Carolina are locked in disagreement about the repair of a faulty storm drain.

A decade-long dispute between PulteGroup and Lancaster County, South Carolina over maintenance responsibility for the roads and storm-water system at the Sun City at Carolina Lakes neighborhood, which Pulte built in 2005, could be headed for court.

Daniel Ballou, an attorney representing Pulte, has given the county 10 days from November 15th to provide a list of needed repairs in Sun City, along with confirmation that the county will accept responsibility for all of its roads. If no agreement is reached, Pulte threatens legal action.

County administrator Steve Willis believes that it is the responsibility of Pulte or the homeowners’ association to repair the storm drain that is causing road failures – after which they will accept and repair the road. “We are in a position to barricade the road, in effect saying when you get the storm drain fixed and repack the ground, let us know and we will come in and repave,” he said.

Ballou has maintained that the Sun City roads meet county standards and that the county has not provided evidence that the repairs needed are excessive.

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