South Carolina areas impacted by Hurricane Joaquin

CoreLogic natural hazard risk expert Scott Giberson wants to improve the quality of conversation, preparedness, and strategy around one of the nation's most destructive natural forces, flooding.

Giberson takes a look in particular at this past fall's Hurricane Joaquin, and he maps its range and impacts on South Carolina, the hardest-hit area in the hurricane's path. Giberson notes that more than 30 counties in the state were declared federal disaster areas due to the impact of flooding, and that, per CoreLogic, the collective value of buildings exposed to flood risk in the affected area was over $6.8 billion. Giberson writes:

Granular flood risk assessment and analysis helps demonstrate several things: that risk exists beyond areas mapped for a single probabilistic event; that such flood maps do not show typical or necessarily expected inundation; and that actual inundation depends, to a certain extent, on unpredictable amounts of rainfall in unpredictable localities.

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