The condo association of Palm Beach County’s San Matera at the Gardens has received a $22.5 million settlement from Kolter Signature Homes and other entities.

One of the longest-running faulty construction cases in Florida ended on Thursday, one week before it was supposed to go to trial. Kolter Signature Homes and other entities responsible for the alleged substandard construction work on the San Matera at the Gardens condominium complex will provide a $22.5 million settlement to the San Matera Condominium Association, which will contribute to the cost of repairs.

Residents of San Matera complained for years about shoddy construction and extensive water leaks in many of the 676-units at the complex, making it impossible to sell their units. Homeowners were also hit with large assessments over the years for nearly constant repairs.

David Haber, the attorney representing the San Matera Condo Association, sought $36 million from Kolter and other defendants in damages, but he believes that the $22.5 million settlement is a greater benefit to his clients. “One of the reasons the settlement was achieved from our side was to avoid years of appeals…[There was] no admission of liability or guilt, but we believe the settlement speaks for itself,” he said.

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