Koko Architects' Skåpet Mountain Lodges are designed to provide self-catering water, heat, and electricity for up to 35 hikers.

The Skåpet Mountain Lodges, designed by NYC-based Koko Architects for the Norwegian Tourism Association, opened last month on a hiking trail in Soddatjørn, Rogaland. The small cluster of buildings, totaling 350 sq m / 3,767 sq ft altogether, can provide safe, warm, off-grid shelter from harsh mountain conditions for up to 35 hikers with only a minimum of maintenance.

The cabins were built using prefabricated modules to ensure quick on-site assembly, and feature highly durable-rolled zinc exteriors. The complex includes a main building, sleeping areas and facilities, storage, and a wood-fired sauna. The cabins’ water is sourced from a nearby lake, and wood-burning stoves provide heat for the buildings and sauna. Two gas stoves are available to heat food, and lighting comes from a nearby solar array.

Cabin visitors are asked to leave payment for their stay and clean up after themselves.

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