Beazer Homes could face lawsuits over a flaw in stucco that allows water to enter the walls of houses.

Beazer Homes has a headache down on the west coast of Florida. NBC 2 reports dozens of properties in the Heatherwood Lakes neighborhood in Fort Myers, FL are rotting away from the inside due to a defect in stucco that allows water to permeate the windows and walls.

The station's report alleges that Beazer did not notify any of the affected home owners in the Heatherwood community contacted by NBC 2 about the stucco issue. There is no law in Florida that requires builders to inform homeowners about defects, but Beazer did disclose the stucco defect to its stockholders. The company has reported spending over $70 million on home repairs so far.

Heatherwood Lakes home owners have filed claims with Beazer for the defective stucco, but the claims were denied because the homes had passed their 10-year warranty. Some of the home owners are considering taking their case to court.

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