A magnitude-6.4 earthquake toppled a Taiwan apartment building last weekend and now executives of the real estate development company that built the 17-story complex have been arrested. The three men face charges of professional negligence resulting in death, the New York Times reports.

The ruins of the toppled high-rise are the most visible evidence of the massive quake, which killed at least 54 people in the normally quiet city of 1.9 million people, according to the Tainan City Disaster Response Center. The arrests are likely to draw attention in mainland China, according to the Times.

Poor construction practices by government contractors were widely blamed for the collapse of many schools and the deaths of many children during the Sichuan Province earthquake that killed about 70,000 people and left nearly 18,000 missing in western China in 2008.

Mixing sarcasm with envy of Taiwan’s willingness to hold developers accountable for how their buildings fared in earthquakes, one person wrote on Tuesday night on Chinese social media, “If they did it this way on the mainland, would there be any developers left in China?

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