At first glance you probably wouldn't know that this new San Diego home, which is on the market for $799,000, is made from shipping containers says's Claudine Zap. The 1,920-square-foot, three-bedroom and 2.5-bath-home was built offsite then moved to the lot and attached to the foundation.

“There’s a stigma, a misperception,” listing agent Jonathan Sanders says of the modular construction. Still, there’s “a growing momentum for recycled shipping containers,” he says. “You can take modular and be as creative and custom as any type of build.”

The home has all the in-demand amenities and features of a modern house. The home is clad in pine wood stained in four different shades and boasts oversized windows and doors. A 384-square-foot deck spans the rooftop for extra outdoor living space.

Despite being made from recycled steel, the home is as solid as it is portable. “You could ship [the home] to Bali in 10 years if you wanted to move,” Sanders says. “They’re international shipping containers. They go on anything as a standardized shipping method. There are a lot of perks.”

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