Los Angeles city inspectors spent about two years developing a list of 13,500 buildings that will probably need seismic strengthening.

An analysis by the Los Angeles Times finds that neighborhoods in the San Fernando Valley, Hollywood, and the Westside will feel the biggest impact from a new law requiring the retrofitting of wood-frame apartment buildings to better withstand a major earthquake

Property owner groups were opposed to the public release of this data, citing concerns that the list isn't perfect and that further inspection will show some of the buildings might not need retrofitting.

But seismic safety experts said this preliminary list marks a milestone in providing the public with important safety information about where they choose to live, according to the newspaper.

Building officials examined city records and walked block-to-block to identify the structures that may need retrofitting.

Owners of each building have been put on notice, and a number of them have already begun the retrofitting process. The retrofits can cost as much as $130,000, which has sparked concerns from owners and residents feeling the pressure of rising rents and a housing crunch, reports the Times.

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