Without adequate safety and health policies in place, jobsite injuries are inevitable. One of the most important tools any builder can give to employees is adequate on-the-job training to prevent work-place injuries. Through a grant awarded by OSHA, the NAHB Research Center has partnered with the NAHB to develop a new training program to help home builders, their employees, and trade partners better understand fall-protection requirements and make their jobsites even safer.

From April to September, 40 classes will be conducted across 20 of the nation's top home building markets. The Research Center will offer the free, four-hour classes in English and Spanish to local builders, small business owners, general contractors, and trade contractors—building professionals whose employees are often at risk of being injured by hazards encountered during daily construction activities.

The classes address an important need for builders, as falls are one of the top safety problems faced on jobsites today. Attendees will benefit from instruction on fall-prevention techniques specifically geared for the residential construction industry. Each participant will receive the NAHB's new student manual and video on fall protection.

Every employer has a responsibility to provide a workplace environment that is free from recognized safety hazards. These seminars will provide access to high-caliber instructors as well as the needed tools to help reduce common risks at no charge to sponsoring HBAs.

The Research Center is currently seeking production builders and local HBAs to host training seminars for employees, trades, and members. Funds toward room and audiovisual rental available; restrictions apply. For more information, contact Shelton Cartwright, OSHA Project Manager at 800-638-8556 ext. 6232, or e-mail fallprotection@nahbrc.org.