In this article for BUILDER sister publication Tools of the Trade, Jeff Sheridan reviews the GVS Elipse P100 half mask, a lightweight and comfortable dust mask that doesn't obstruct your vision. Sheridan, who owns a painting company in New York, tried out the mask at his home while cutting cement board with an angle grinder for a tiled tub surround. Here's what he has to say about the product:

Right away, I was impressed. It’s super lightweight and has a very comfortable fit, which will lend itself well to wearing for extended amounts of time. The low profile of the filters was great for looking down and being able to see what I was working on. The mask kept out all odor and dust from cement board as I cut at high rpms, so I am confident it will work great while hand-sanding millwork in homes. The price (approx. $25) is fair enough that I can provide them to my employees. The one design feature that I would like to see added would be a latch system in the head band elastic. Having such a system would provide a way to drop down the respirator to hang around your neck, to easily pull up and strap again.

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