At first, I thought "Hey if you want to be a Mystery Inspector, you've got to pay the piper." But then I came to my senses. A lot of people make their living in the attics of houses, and some little kid inevitably will go exploring up there someday (ask me how I know this). Leaving sharp, exposed nail tips in the attic is totally NOT COOL. 

We must believe that this was left by someone in their first year in the trades. Anyone who has been in framing for more than a few months knows how much it sucks to step on a nail, much less something like this. This is far worse than leaving your hammer on top of a stepladder—the hammer will fall off and hurt someone only once. This little nest of tetanus can claim many victims—but not me, not this time.

Worse yet, there were more examples of sharp nail tips laying in wait for some unsuspecting foot—another nest of doom and a few single tips through top plates. The photo is a bit blurry because I was shuddering, twitching, and trembling so much.

Please, rookies, DO NOT DO THIS! At the very least, bend the nails over. Better yet, master the skill of whacking and pulling nails out in two motions (the ol' whack-and-pull).


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