A Los Angeles family was awarded $16.3 million in a law suit against Atlas Construction Company after a father fell to his death while on the job site. Thirty-year-old Edgar Gonzalez fell 30 feet while building a wall at the Hyperion wastewater treatment plant in California in August 2011. He is survived by his wife, Rosa Gonzalez, and two children ages 12 and 7.

The CBS Los Angeles news article states:

Gonzalez suffered severe head trauma when he fell 30 feet while connected to what the plaintiffs alleged was an improperly secured framework structure which weighed several thousand pounds and partially landed on him when it collapsed.

Douglas Purdy, an attorney for Atlas, said he disagreed with the verdict, but Gonzalez’s widow, Rosa Gonzalez, said she was pleased.

Rosa Gonzalez also sued the crane operator Mr. Crane Inc. The company settled out of court for $650,000, half of which went to Rosa and 25% each to her two children.

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