At very low concentrations, a chemical widely used to kill termites also harms honeybees, according to a new EPA study, and the use of this pesticide, imidacloprid, in building materials has soared in recent years.

Imidacloprid is found in exterior products like polystyrene insulation, vinyl siding, adhesives, sealants, and pressure-treated wood decking. Here, Healthy Building Network's Jim Vallette lays out the case for how the building industry might be contributing to what scientists says is a serious problem.

Honeybee populations are plummeting. Nationwide, bee colony loss exceeded 40% between April 2014 and April 2015. In some states, beekeepers lost over 60% of their colonies. A growing body of evidence points to imidacloprid as an accomplice. A closer look at the implications of its use in building materials is long overdue.

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