Most tools can be dangerous when used incorrectly, but here Timothy Dahl of Popular Mechanics presents ten power tools that require extra diligence and care because improper use could end in a fatality. Radial arm saws have a blade coming right towards the operator, a chop saw is meant for cutting steel but could be brought down on the wrong object if not careful, and angle grinder blades can break off and cause damage.

Here’s a list of the tools mentioned that are found in shops or on construction sites:

  1. Radial Arm Saw
  2. Miter saw
  3. Angle Grinder
  4. Table Saw
  5. Lathe
  6. Nailers
  7. Chainsaws
  8. Circular Saw

But Chris Ermides, senior editor of Tools of the Trade, a BUILDER sister publication, thinks this this list might not warrant that much fear and panic on the jobsite. He writes, "the tools on the list probably don’t surprise you, though a couple gave me pause as I tried to imagine how they’d kill someone. Any tool can do serious, life-threatening damage. But I have to think pretty hard, though, about the circumstances in which a miter saw might kill me. I have a pretty vivid imagination – and an elaborate one at that – so it doesn’t take much to get my mind going."

What would your advice be to a new crew member about handling these tools on the jobsite?

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