Bellevue, Wash.-based Quadrant Homes, a subsidiary of Weyerhaeuser Real Estate Co., is a rapidly expanding home builder. The company expects to close on more than 1,300 homes in 2005, up from 164 in 1996. With this type of growth, the company has been challenged with maintaining its excellent safety standards.

Instead of seeing an obstacle, the company's safety manager, Holly Rainwater, saw an opportunity to improve safety awareness among employees and trade partners. Rainwater spearheaded an initiative to achieve Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) Star recognition. The highest certification level under the Washington Industrial Safety Act, this award recognizes businesses that employ exemplary occupational safety and health programs.

Despite all the safety risks inherent in the residential construction industry, Quadrant became the only home builder in the nation to receive the distinction. Integral to the success of this initiative were not only comprehensive safety site orientations for new workers and weekly safety training sessions but also a new company policy to tie safety to performance reviews. Regardless of job description or seniority, every worker was held accountable for workplace safety.

WELL MANAGED: Peter Orser accepts an award on Quadrant Homes' behalf.