In a two-day sting operation carried out in Sacramento County last week, California’s Contractors State License Board and local law enforcement invited suspected unlicensed contractors to a single-family home in Folsom, Calif. to offer bids on home improvement projects. Any contractor who submitted a bid over $500 was required to have a license under state law. Thirty-five people were detained and cited after the receipt of the bids, according to the CSLB.

Twenty-five of the people caught are required to appear in county court on misdemeanor charges of contracting without a license, while 21 received citations for illegal advertising. Many were charged on both counts.

[CSLB spokeswoman Ashley Caldwell] said one of those detained had recently served a seven-year sentence in state prison for attempted murder. Another had an illegal firearm, and five had been caught in previous sting operations. The home towns for those caught included Sacramento, Roseville, Antelope, Rocklin and Shingle Springs.

One man was also featured recently on the cover of a local business magazine touting his business success.

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