Photo courtesy Rick Ray
Photo courtesy Rick Ray

While the current requirements fro McKinney, Texas require all trees wider than six inches be marked during a survey, the city council is considering changing the the regulation to 36 inches. The Dallas Morning News staffer Nanette Light takes a look at the the benefit this would provide the developers as well as why some residents stand against it.

Resident Jill Alcantara sees this as the beginning of a slippery slope:

"It's really a mistake," said Alcantara, who founded the advocacy group "McKinney Green or Not" to lobby for nature preservation in the city. "If this happens, there isn't anything that would stop a developer from just clear-cutting the property."

Michael Quint, executive director for the city's Development Services, points out that the city would still be protecting the same trees:

"I see some merit in it," Quint said of the potential change. "We can protect the same types of trees that we're protecting now and make our development process easier for the development community."

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