People would never imagine that renting a home and car insurance would go hand and hand, but a new study from Consumer Federation of America proves otherwise.

Ann Carrins of the New York Times writes owning a home has a lot to do with car insurance, due to the rates consumers pay for auto coverage. Consumers pay nearly 7 percent more for auto insurance if they rent a home, even if their driving record is spotless. Depending on the insurer, the difference in prices could be more extreme.

“People are being charged extra just for being poor,” Douglas Heller, a consumer advocate who helped conduct the analysis, said in a call with reporters.

James Lynch, chief actuary with the Insurance Information Institute, an industry group, said factors unrelated to driving, including renting or owning a home, were used in setting premiums because they were valid predictors of loss. “The rates are actuarially justified,” he said.

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