The landscape surrounding Orlando, Florida. The city staff wants to add 325 acres of park space to Orlando by 2040, and levy a fee on builders to fund the parks project.

Orlando city staff are proposing a fee on new single and multi-family home units that receive building permits on or after March 1, 2017, with the aim of providing the funding needed to expand and maintain the city’s parks system.

According to Orlando officials, the city’s population is rising faster than the parks system can keep up with its growth. The city aims to add 325 acres of park space by 2040, to keep up with a predicted 100,000 new residents. To this end, they’re proposing a $996 fee per single family home and $825 fee per multi-family unit.

The City Council will discuss the fee at its meeting on Monday. The Greater Orlando Builders Association plans to attend the meeting and oppose the fee, citing its negative consequences for builders and buyers.

Two public hearings on the fee will be held on August 15th and August 29th.

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