Photo courtesy Abby Lanes
Karenfoleyphotography Photo courtesy Abby Lanes

The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) has filed comprehensive comments with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that the current Lead: Renovation, Repair, Painting rule is inefficient in achieving both economic and health goals. NAHB has encouraged the EPA to perform a new economic analysis as well as revise the unnecessarily complex and burdensome new renovator re-certification requirements.

The comments came as part of a required required retrospective review period:

EPA had initially planned for only a 60-day public comment period, but under the direction of NAHB, a coalition of trade associations was formed and helped extend that time frame. The coalition coordinated a Small Business Administration Roundtable on Aug. 24 that brought EPA staff together with stakeholders from across the industry who voiced their questions and concerns regarding the review.

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