The Housing Hour podcast recently had Kleber and Associates, a B2B marketing company, on the show to discuss the policies and backgrounds of both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton to find which candidate might be best to address the housing crisis.

Trump, a real estate mogul, should be better for housing, but his history in the industry is questionable. Eighteen months before the housing crash, Trump started a mortgage company that would go on to fail. The company offered residential mortgages with quick approval, and aggressive salesmen; the same kind of mortgages that led to the housing crisis in the first place. After it failed, Trump distanced himself from the company and claimed he wasn’t involved with it, blaming the people he hired to run the business. The failed business left behind unpaid employees as well as unpaid taxes. Today, he claims that he predicted the housing crisis, but the facts tell a different story.

On the other hand, Clinton has no background in real estate but experts believe that she would be better for the housing industry. Her biggest challenge is getting voters to trust her.

In this piece, the company breaks down the essentials of each campaign on the housing crisis, housing plan, construction industry, and solar energy.

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