Photo courtesy Aurélien Guichard
Aurélien Guichard Photo courtesy Aurélien Guichard

New York City's first micro-unit project, Carmel Place, was developed with the addressing policy questions about unit size in mind. In an opinion piece for Crain's New York Business, Kirk Goodrich takes a look at the development of this building, which drew 60,000 applicants in a lottery for 14 affordable apartments, and how it re-introduced a housing type (single-room occupancy units) abandoned in the city during the 1950s.

Goodrich explain that alternatives such as these are a necessity in solving the city's affordable housing crisis:

To have a larger and more meaningful impact on the shortage of affordable rental apartments we also must be willing to explore alternatives. We can do this by pursuing SROs, shared suites, micro studios, and family apartments that are better designed and more efficient.

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