California’s Senate Bill 109 has been approved by the California legislature and passed to Governor Jerry Brown.

California’s Senate Bill 1069, which concerns secondary units on single-family lots, has passed the California legislature. California governor Jerry Brown has endorsed this bill, and is expected to sign it into law.

If enacted, Senate Bill 1069 would stop local governments from requiring “granny flats” to provide more parking and a pathway to the street. It would also increase the permitted size of a secondary unit to 50 percent of the size of a lot’s primary unit, up from 30 percent, and decrease water and sewer connection fees. Local governments are still permitted to restrict secondary units based on lot size.

The goal, say supporters, is to boost the state's affordable housing supply, especially within urban centers. Observers say the Golden State is facing a critical housing shortage as prices skyrocket, especially in the Bay Area. Secondary or accessory dwelling units known as “granny flats” — a category that includes cottages and small studio apartments — have emerged as one way to rapidly bring units on the market.

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