Not that there's much entry-level housing in Fremont, California, but the cost of a new home could soon be rising as the school district mines the development community for more money. The Mercury News reports:

Residential developers soon may have to pay an extra $2 per square foot in school impact fees to help accommodate growing student enrollment.

The Fremont Unified School District Board of Education today is scheduled to consider raising the fees from $5.70 per square foot to as much as $8.19 following a public hearing.

A school facility needs analysis completed April 7 by the district's Irvine-based consultant, Dolinka Group LLC, determined the proposed increase meets state-required criteria.

The state has set up three levels of minimum fees that school districts can charge when developers pull building permits. The lowest, or level one, allows them to charge $3.48 per square foot for residential construction and 56 cents per square foot for commercial construction.

The Fremont district has been charging level-two fees of $5.70 per square foot for residential development and 54 cents for commercial development because its schools are so crowded that 28 percent of the classrooms are portables.

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