Opinions on environmental regulations vary by state, but fewer Americans believe regulations aren't worth the cost.

Brian Kennedy of Pew Research Center writes Democratic states are more likely to support firmer environmental regulations. Places like the District of Columbia (71%), Vermont(70%), and Hawaii (68%) believes environmental regulations are important. Those who live in poorer states, such as Mississippi and Alabama believe environmental regulations are taking away too many jobs and hurting the economy.

A relatively low share of those living in states like Wyoming, Montana and West Virginia say that environmental regulations are worth the cost. All told, the extractive industry – including coal mining as well as oil and natural gas drilling – makes up 5% or more of the state gross domestic product in 10 states across the nation.

State governments play a key role in environmental regulatory policy. For example, California has stricter laws limiting power plants’ carbon dioxide emissions than many other states, such as Texas. Public opinion is likely one factor that influences such differences from state to state.

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