Governments across the world are looking for ways to control small consumer drones that are entering air space they shouldn't otherwise be in. The Dutch have found a pretty creative solution: attack eagles.

The Dutch National Police have started a program to train raptors to scoop up unmanned aerial vehicles like its prey, while some municipalities have tried nets to pull the drones down.

The police force is said to be testing other electronic and physical solutions, but right now it’s in the middle of trial period where eagles are coached to identify and capture drones. The birds appear to drag the drones—in this case, DJI phantoms—off much like they were lunch.

Commenters on the article argue the birds could be hurt if the drones' propellers are made out of carbon fiber or if the drone was larger than the eagle. For now, it's just a test. We'll have to see if this catches on anywhere else.

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