Developer Sanford Edward has withdrawn his request for a second mediation with the city of Dana Point, Calif.

Developer Sanford Edward has withdrawn his offer to mediate with the city of Dana Point, Calif., following a previous failed mediation and a lawsuit alleging that the developer owed Dana Point $553,734 in unpaid legal fees.

He said this week that the city conditioned their agreement to mediate on Headlands LLC paying the money the city says it owes them.

These legal fees had been incurred during a six-year battle with the California Coastal Commission and the Surfrider Foundation over Strand Beach access through Edward’s The Strand at Headlands development. The city of Dana Point had approved an ordinance to limit hours of public beach access through the neighborhood in 2009, which was removed this April in a settlement agreement.

Edward had made verbal and contractual promises to repay Dana Point for its legal fees in the developer’s defense, but abruptly stopped paying them in August of 2015, and claimed that the city had overbilled him.
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