THE NAHB RESEARCH Center is celebrating the nationwide rollout of its National Housing Quality (NHQ) Certified Builder program at this year's International Builders' Show. The center piloted the program for more than a year and is now helping builders across the country to realize the efficiencies and high customer satisfaction ratings identified in the pilot.

Participation in the program is designed to increase efficiency and consistency in building practices. The program provides a rigorous and complete review of participating companies' business practices and ensures that all elements of a company's quality assurance system are active to provide greater customer satisfaction.

Certification fosters a continual-improvement approach to home building that delivers increased quality, enhanced efficiency, and greater customer satisfaction.

In 2004, Grayson Homes of Ellicott City, Md.; KB Home Las Vegas; and Veridian Homes of Madison, Wis., earned certification through the NHQ pilot program.

Cindy McAuliffe, president of Grayson Homes, says the certification will enhance her company's reputation. “Achieving and maintaining our status as an NHQ Certified Builder will ingrain consistency and predictability into all facets of our home building business,” she notes. “It will be an easily observable demonstration of our quality commitment to our buyers, trades, and employees that aligns our performance with our mission and provides a valuable third-party testimonial of our quality.”

The insurance industry has taken note of the program's successes as well. At a time when the home building industry is particularly concerned about insurance availability and cost, HBW Insurance Services is offering discounted insurance for builders involved in the NHQ certification program. In a letter to the NAHB Research Center last summer, Bruce Harrell, CEO of HBW, explained, “HBW has become very familiar with the NHQ certification requirements and the significant positive impact successful implementation of the requirements can have on the technical quality of the home building industry.”

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