California State Senator Bob Wieckowski
California State Senator Bob Wieckowski

Multi-generational living is becoming increasingly popular across the United States, especially in locations where house prices and rents have skyrocketed. California Senator Bob Wieckowski of Fremont hopes to make these living arrangements more accessible for state residents.

His bill, SB 1069, was just approved by California's Assembly Local Government Committee and will now head to the Assembly Appropriations Committee, which could either kill the bill or pass it to the Assembly floor for vote.

The bill is popular among most organizations, including California Chamber of Commerce, National Resources Defense Council, Bay Area Council, and Housing Trust Silicon Valley. If passed, SB 1069 will make it easier for homeowners and home builders to add an attached or detached unit with eliminated or reduced parking requirements and utility hook-up fees, and get the permit approved quicker.

If passed by the Assembly, it will go on to the Senate for a vote, and then onto Governor Jerry Brown, who has expressed his previous support for the legislation.

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