The City of Burbank is reviewing a new series of proposed design rules for single family homes.

The Burbank community development staff has presented their draft of 45 guidelines for single family homes to Burbank’s Planning Board. If implemented, any one single-family home rebuilding or remodeling project would need to meet 30 out of 45 guidelines in order to move ahead. The proposed guidelines concern roof types, building heights, materials, and house colors.

The consensus among the board members is that the guidelines must ensure that residents can modify their homes while maintaining the atmosphere of the surrounding neighborhood. "I just don't want to pigeonhole our city, our residents and potential home buyers into something that is inflexible and hard to work with," said board chairman Christopher Rizzotti.

This measure is one of a series of responses to complaints about overlarge homes being built around the Burbank city area. Currently standing in Burbank is the temporary Interim Development Control Ordinance, which restricts what residents can and can’t do during a remodel or rebuild. That ordinance will be effective through March 2017.

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