While the sharp 4Q2007 decline in the Case-Shiller Home Price Index lead many to think improved affordability was signaling the bottom and may have fueled a jump in home builder stocks, Seeking Alpha posits that nearly all signs remain bearish and that those who saw a light at the end of the tunnel were premature. For that story and more, check out Big Builder?s bi-weekly blog roundup.

The Wall Street Journal brings a report on an Art Deco albatross in Miami Beach, Fla., whose owners hope will transform into a swan in the years to come.

While some sellers have begun slashing prices in Chicago, a stubborness trend of clinging to outdated pricing notions persists, according to The Housing Bubble.

Despite the fact that federal regulators have lifted the growth caps on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac?s loan portfolios, which had limited them from holding more than roughly $1.5 trillion in loans and securities backed by loans, Inman News reports that the government-sponsored enterprises have actually been shrinking their portfolios over the past few months in order to maintain on-hand capital requirements.

Reggie Middleton?s Boom Bust analyses a proposal to reinsure MBIA?s municipal bond insurance portfolio.

BusinessWeek?s Hot Property points the finger at President Bill Clinton as another in the long parade of individuals to blame for the housing bubble and its subsequent burst.

As we resort to Great Depression remedies in 2008, Dr. Housing Bubble sees some sort of bailout to be inevitable in the credit crunch.