When Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visits the White House this week, climate change will be on the agenda, reports Pew's Jacob Poushter. While the two leaders may agree on the issue, the people they serve do not.

Canadians are more concerned than their American counterparts on a number of key issues related to climate change. For example, in Pew Research Center’s spring 2015 survey of 40 nations, 84% of Canadians supported an international agreement to limit their country’s greenhouse gas emissions, compared with 69% of Americans. This agreement was subsequently adopted at the Paris COP21 conference, but whether the United States will enact such an accord remains in question.

However, there is a similar breakdown in attitudes toward climate change in the conservative and liberal factions in both countries.

Supporters of the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC), which was headed by former Prime Minister Stephen Harper, are much less worried about the consequences of climate change, as are Republicans in the U.S. Meanwhile, followers of Trudeau’s Liberal Party in Canada and members of the New Democratic Party (a social-democratic party led by Tom Mulcair), are more concerned about climate change, much like political independents and Democrats in the U.S.

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