In an effort to add more apartment buildings to their inventory, Airbnb recently announced it would allow apartment owners to take a cut of the revenue from Airbnb guests in their buildings. Wall Street Journal staffer Laura Kusisto takes a look at this incentive and the hesitation of landlord to take a chance on this deal.

Airbnb understands that reaching out to landlords is essential for their continued growth and offer them such things as insurance and information about which tenants in their buildings are renting to outsiders. Despite these provisions, Airbnb still faces an uphill battle:

So far Airbnb has had little success winning over big landlords. Buildings containing only about 1,000 units have enrolled in the program, a sliver of the 26.5 million mid-rise or high-rise apartment units nationwide. Airbnb declined to provide the names of any landlords participating in the program.

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