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The Debt Forgiveness DilemmaThe Debt Forgiveness Dilemma

Real estate columnist Kenneth R. Harney writes that Congress is back from its summer vacation, so the burning financial question on thousands of homeowners' minds right now is this: Are you guys finally going to help out consumers who are underwater on their mortgages, many of whom face crushing federal tax bills if they accept - or have already accepted - principal reductions by their lenders? Read more

DOE Labs Could Trigger Regional Economic MojoDOE Labs Could Trigger Regional Economic Mojo

Since their inception, the Department of Energy (DOE) national laboratories have been in the vanguard of America's global research and development leadership. However, the national innovation system has changed. Today, much technology development and application occurs in the context of regional clusters of firms, trade associations, educational institutions, private labs, and regional economic development organizations. Unfortunately, legacy operating procedures limit the DOE labs' ability to engage fully with the regional economies in which they are located. This brief explains how the DOE and Congress can improve the impact of national labs in this new context. Read more

Congress Should Re-Up on Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act: Zillow's HumphriesCongress Should Re-Up on Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act:...

Zillow chief eonomist Stan Humphries questions why Congress has so far failed to... Read more

Community Groups Rally Against FHA Loan SalesCommunity Groups Rally Against FHA Loan Sales

Los Angeles Times staffer Tim Logan reports that a program designed to help prop up the Federal Housing Administration is short-changing borrowers and neighborhoods hard-hit by foreclosures, community groups said as they took to the streets to push for changes. Read more

New Paper Supports Hesitance to Extend Loan ForgivenessNew Paper Supports Hesitance to Extend Loan Forgiveness

Wall Street Journal staffer Nick Timiraos reports that new paper via the Brookings... Read more

Quantitative Squeezing on TapQuantitative Squeezing on Tap

Reuters staffers Ann Saphir and Michael Flaherty report that the U.S. Federal... Read more

Why the Fed Won't Go PopWhy the Fed Won't Go Pop

New York Times staffer Jesse Eisinger writes that central bankers have seen signs... Read more

Democrats No Sure Bet on Immigration Reform Democrats No Sure Bet on Immigration Reform

MarketWatch staffer Jeffry Bartash reports on a Wall Street Journal and NBC poll... Read more

The Vicious Circle of Mortgage Put-BacksThe Vicious Circle of Mortgage Put-Backs

Washington Post staffer Dina ElBoghdady explores how many would-be home buyer mortgage borrowers are 'boxed out' from loans. Lenders blame muddled regulations. Read more

How Would Tax Changes Impact Economic Growth?How Would Tax Changes Impact Economic Growth?

Brookings Institution fellows William Gale and Andrew Samwick examine how income tax changes can affect long-term economic growth and find that, contrary to conventional wisdom, there is no guarantee that tax rate cuts or tax reform will raise the long-term economic growth rate. Read more

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